Shepherd's Heart International works to reunite children with their families and identify families at risk of separating due to poverty. We support three active child sponsorship programs. Through your support, you can help meet the educational, spiritual and physical needs of the orphans in our care and help supplement the families of those who are able to be returned home. Sponsorships cover costs for necessary items such as food, clothes, school courses, medical care, and much more.


We provide training and discipleship materials to local pastors and community leaders – who in turn mentor and train their peers – in order to strengthen the body of Christ in the communities where we serve. You can take part in this ministry through your financial support and prayers.


In partnership with local residents we work to strengthen the local communities in practical ways, from investing in education, training programs, food cultivation, and the building of fresh water wells. By providing financial support, you can partner in our work to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to invest in the well-being of these communities.


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