Our Mission

Shepherd’s Heart International ministry seeks to demonstrate the heart of God in a practical way by helping build up the communities surrounding the churches of the ministers we support.  We do this by providing grants for small business start-ups, clean water projects, farming, poultry projects and more.

So many times, the people who are living in poverty have so much ingenuity and a strong work ethic. Many times, they only need startup capital to help them achieve success.

This is where we strive to help. By investing in the people of the community through various projects, training programs and education initiatives we hope to empower these people to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their communities.

Clean Water


Often children from rural areas lack access to fresh clean water.  We work to provide water tanks and systems to catch rainwater in order to improve the health of the children and families in our programs.




Poultry Programs

Our first poultry program began in this September 2015 in Naivasha, Kenya. God provided funds for the first 500 chicks, an incubator, and funds to upgrade the land and coop where they will live. We now have 750 laying hens and a coop that will hold another 750.  It is our hope that the income from the sale of eggs will fully fund our Royal Boys Program within the next 18 months.

We will begin our second poultry program in a rural area of Northern Mozambique.  The sale of eggs for this site will allow for a steady protein source in the community as well as provide supplemental income for our school that is located in the same village.


In September of 2015, we begun a Farming Program test plot of 2+ acres of land. This plot will allow one of our ministry partners to grow enough food to support 22 orphaned kids (Destiny Kids Program) for a few months.

In 2018 we will begin a second farming initiative in Northern Mozambique.  This will allow our ministry partners to provide food for the Sharing Hope School and help the program become sustainable.