Year In Review: 2016


2016 was a great year for Shepherd’s Heart International. God has done amazing work in Kenya and in the United States to further his kingdom. Below is a few highlights from the year in the areas that we work in:

Orphan Care

We have 3 active orphan care programs where we provide for the basic needs of over 120 children.

House of Mercy Children’s Home:

_DSC0040 copy

This children’s home on the outskirts of Nairobi houses over 80 children.  This year we began a partnership with the home directly and were able to provide:

  • -Salary for 3 live in caretakers
  • -A physician who regularly visits the home
  • -School fees, uniforms, shoes and backpacks for all children
  • -Salary support for the staff
  • -Help with utilities, sanitation, and vegetables to supplement their diet

Our support was a great relief to the House Mother who receives little other financial support. We accomplish all of this primarily through child sponsorship.  We currently have 40 children at House of Mercy who need a sponsor.  Visit our website for more information about how to sponsor a child here.

Kisii Kids:

_DSC0303 copyIn 2016 we expanded our support of a pastor, Joseph Kerongo, from the Kisii region of Kenya.  Pastor Joseph has taken in 20 orphaned children and is caring for them in his home along with 4 children of his own.  This year we were able to send all 20 children to school and purchase school uniforms, shoes and bags.  Through child sponsorship, we are able to supplement the children’s diet to include more meat and vegetables.



Royal Boys Rehabilitation Program 


2016 was a year of big changes for the Royal Boys Rehabilitation Program.  We had our first high school graduation with 5 boys completing Form 4, which is the equivalent of 12th grade. The boys will either continue on to college, a technical school or begin an apprenticeship. In November, the program leaders began the process of reintegrating each of the remaining boys back into their family. Social Workers will check on the boys every few months and provide food supplement and counseling support to insure the boys are successful.

Reaching the Lost

In 2016, Shepherd’s Heart International began, a partnership with a missionary evangelist, Peter.  Peter has been called to work among an unreached people group called the Mwani in Northern Mozambique. He is able to remain in this mostly Muslim area by prIMG_2441oviding free education to the rural village where he lives and preaches.  We have provided resources for Peter to acquire land, build a preschool room, kitchen, fresh water well and restroom facilities for the school. We employ 5 local workers and care for 51 village children Monday through Friday.  We have seen God’s faithfulness in seeing this project through as each time a need arises, we see provision in the form of giving.

Partners in Kenya

Through our partnership with Pastor Joseph, we are able to help provide for the orphans under his care so that he can focus on evangelism and strengthening the body of Christ that worships at Shepherd’s Heart Church in Kisii.  The church has grown this year and is overflowing each Sunday with many standing outside to hear the message each week.

Community Development


We have expanded our poultry program this year to include broilers that are raised and sold for a profit.  Funds supplement the salaries of the leaders of the Royal Boys Program and are reinvested in growth of the project.  A new chicken House has been built that will soon be the home of 500 more layers.  These layers will provide an additional income for the Royal Boys program of around $200 per month. Eggs from this program not only provide an income for our ministry partners, but also provide a protein source for their community.

kisii-13In 2016, SHI dug a fresh water well in a rural village in Northern Mozambique.  The well will benefit the children of the community and neighbors of Sharing Hope Preschool.  More than 100 people will benefit from this supply of clean water.

_DSC0322This year we experimented with a new farming method that could double the yield of the crops grown by our partner Joseph in Kisii Kenya.  Because of heavy rains, the first harvest was very small, however the second growing season produced an abundance.  We rented a few acres for the Pastor and his church leaders to farm.  The crops would supplement the diets of the Destiny Kids and local community.