Year in Review 2017

Ramblings of a humbled Executive Director to the people who have participated in the work Shepherd’s Heart…

Over my head

This year has stretched, sharpened, chastened and grown me to such an extent that I cannot remember the last time I felt comfortable.  God has put me in a position that daily requires me to do things that terrify me and use skills that are my weakest. I never get a sense of, “YES!  I nailed that one!”  Or, ” Oh I know exactly how to do this”.  Nope.  It’s all new and really hard. So, how does a person keep moving forward when constantly working from their weaknesses?  It would certainly be easier if it were obvious that the work was making a difference.  However, how do we calculate the impact we make in the world?

Non-Profits usually put out an Annual Report at the end of every year which details their impact on society and how they furthered their mission that year. It is a weighty thing to quantify and measure but God has had mercy on me and given me insight through speaking my language, numbers.

 The Numbers

As an accountant, I have been trained to analyze and evaluate performance based on numbers.    Looking back over our budget, reports from the field workers, school reports, baptism records, etc. I got a glimpse of what God is up to through Shepherd’s Heart.  While I get that numbers are not the only way to measure impact, and probably not even the best way, God used these numbers to speak to my weary heart. He has encouraged me and I hope this post will be an encouragement to all of you who have poured your time and resources into the ministry.

With around $125,000 in donations and fundraising event revenue:

  • 120+ children were given scholarships, uniforms, shoes and school supplies for the entire year
    • 105+ new disciples were baptized and put into service
    • 100+ children had a place to live, daily meals, medical care and loving caregivers for the full year
  • 50+ children were given access to preschool education, daily meals, and the gospel in rural Mozambique
  • 22+ people were given full time meaningful employment in Eastern Africa
  • 20+ families living in poverty were supported with food, counseling and medical care on a monthly basis
  • 14 short-term team members (8 new ) traveled to Kenya and are ALL now actively involved in the work
  • 6 interns were given valuable experience preparing them for the workforce or full time ministry
  • 5 new growing churches were planted among unreached people groups (1st church pictured below)
  • 4 kids were taught to dab (poorly)
  • 3 ministry leaders were empowered through training and conferences
  • 1 leader raised up from the Royal Boys and sent through YWAM’s Disciple training to be hired in 2018
  • 1 elementary school was built in rural Mozambique
  • 1 mission house was built in rural Mozambique
  • 1 additional chicken house was built in Kenya (to be filled in 2018, Lord willing, with 750 laying hens)
  • 1 acre of farmland was rented, cleared, and cultivated for food crops to support the school in Mozambique

Beyond the Numbers

By supporting the work of Shepherd’s Heart:

  • You have brought joy to families who are now reunited
  • You have expanded the horizons of impoverished children
  • You have sent the good news of the Kingdom to those who have never heard
  • You have been a voice for the weak and exploited
  • You have fed the hungry
  • You have prevented children from being sold into sex trafficking
  • You have prevented children from becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • You have shown hope to many who had no hope
  • You have revealed purpose to many who knew no purpose
  • You have shone light into the darkness

Thank you!


2018 Goals and Dreams, Lord Willing

  • Send 2 full time missionaries to Kenya and begin one replicating discipleship group by DEC 2018
  • Provide much needed vehicles for 3 ministry areas
  • Hire a full time Co-Executive Director
  • Provide all child sponsors with monthly updates
  • The Royal Boys Program to be self sustaining by DEC 2018


First church planted- unreached people group Africa



Chicken House waiting for hens                           Destiny kids dabbing, sort of


Interns and staff at CAFO Conference              Mission House Mozambique


Preschool – Mozambique                                              Baptism- Mozambique


YWAM Orientation day for David M                Newly rented farmland- Mozambique


New Elementary School Mozambique               House of Mercy Children’s Home


Thank you for your faithfulness!

Thank you for sticking with us when there are so many things we could have done better!

Thank you for reading to the bottom of this long long post! 

May you be blessed.

In Christ,

  • Jessica Page
  • Executive Director